The ultimate chip tuning solution for professional automotive workshops. ProFlash provides access to the cutting edge of ecu remapping without the costs, risk or commitment.

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Professional level hardware and software for a single monthly payment!

CMD ProFlash

£375 (+VAT) / month

  • Personal or Commercial use
  • 10 inclusive file credits per month
  • 24/7 support
  • EGR/DPF/FAP and DTC deactivations

Purchase a CMD ProFlash OBD+FXX+FRF+DSG package for just £375 + VAT per month with 10 inclusive file credits per month, That’s a potential inclusive return of £3000 per month for less than 5 productive hours.

ECU Remap via OBD over 3000 vehicle types including the very latest models, with excellent profit vs labour ratio no other provider can operate 24/7 at this speed and quality - just build, configure, download or request your tunes including highly developed EGR/DPF/FAP and DTC deactivations and various limiter and overrun functions including map switch.

BMW Enet OBD programming, FRF VAG factory updates, DSG programming all included with further tuning file prices starting at just £40 with real time automated 24/7 tuning file support by PrecisionCodeWorks on a dedicated 5 engineer strong live chat platform. We are certified automotive engineers with homogation and vehicle calibration credentials as such we can offer exclusively to ProFlash2 our unique power-train warranty*

This is the ultimate OBD tuning tool for professionals with the world largest independent tuning file supplier supporting over 11000 clients in 150 countries.

Warranty details available on request once a valid application is approved.


ECU Tuning file support 24/7 via our unique PrecisionCodeWorks platform - Calibration packages by qualified engineers with genuine hands on automotive credentials and experience. Learn and consult our 100 years combined experience in our massive in-house Wiki with process diagrams, thesis and engineer live chat.

About PrecisionCodeWorks

The first online ECU tuning software utility for remapping professionals. ECU files are analysed by the PrecisionCodeWorks system within a matter of seconds and updated to your desired calibration, preserving your vehicle encoding and security. No file writer is required.


  • Diesel vehicles
  • Petrol (gasoline) vehicles
  • Build your calibration
  • DPF solutions
  • EGR solutions
  • Fuel economy calculator
  • View actual maps
  • Tune to hundreds of components
  • Average 30 second build time

Please visit our PrecisionCodeWorks platform for more information about terms of service.

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